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Buy a mask and support Temple Emanu-El! 25% of proceeds go to the Temple.

Many masks have sold out, but we have several new styles! Keep scrolling to see new options...

Choose between a wide array of masks, then fill out the form and pick up your mask! Scroll down to see tie-dye prints, flowery selections, polka-dotted ones, and more!

Each mask is only $10, so get some for your friends and neighbors too... Or just for you. We won't judge.

With over 50 choices, you're sure to find something you like. Let's stay safe and support the Temple!

For special occasion masks, sequins, lace, metallics and more contact Pauline at

Adult Masks

Note:  A & B masks are sold out. Keep scrolling for new styles!











Note: J2 is sold out 

Note: K3 is sold out 

Children's Masks 

Choose your masks 

Each mask is $10. Find your masks below and select a quantity. Include your name and your email. When your order is ready for pick-up, you'll receive an email. Looking for a mask for a special occasion? Contact Pauline for more decorative options at:

Note: A1, A5, B5, C4, E4,  F5, H1, I2, and K1 are sold out

D1 & E1 are back!!

Write the name of the person picking-up the mask(s).
   Mask C1
   Mask C2
   Mask C3
   Mask D2
   Mask D3
   Mask D4
   Mask D5
   Mask E2
   Mask E3
   Mask E5
   Mask E6
   Mask E7
   Mask F1
   Mask F2
   Mask F3
   Mask F4
   Mask F6
   Mask F7
   Mask F8
   Mask F9
   Mask F10
   Mask G1
   Mask G2
   Mask G3
   Mask G4
   Mask G5
   Mask H2
   Mask H3
   Mask I1
   Mask J1
   Mask J3
   Mask J4
   Mask K2
   Mask L1
   Mask L3


Sat, September 19 2020 1 Tishrei 5781