Thank you for your interest in Temple Emanu-El’s fundraising campaign. We have named this critical initiative B’Yadenu which translates to ‘in our hands.’ No word better captures the meaning and sense of urgency behind this Temple-wide project. B’Yadenu:

  • The Potential to reach this attainable goal is ‘in our hands.’
  • The Future we envision for our Temple – transforming our spaces to support our community and values – is ‘in our hands.’
  • And the Legacy we will leave our children and their children is no one else’s responsibility – it is simply ‘in our hands.’

Today, Temple Emanu-El is at an unprecedented point of opportunity and growth. Having reversed a multi-year trend of declining membership, our numbers continues to expand, now with more than 500 families calling Emanu-El their devotional home. Families with young children – the future of our Temple – as well as young professionals and seniors alike, are increasingly drawn to our palpably vibrant and inclusive culture.

The time is now for us to address two significant challenges to ensure a stable future for our Temple community and reinforce the recent progress we have made. These are:

  • How do we update and upgrade our building’s physical appearance to reflect the energy and vibrancy of our congregation, as well as create more natural and inspiring spaces for meetings and community building?
  • How can we best prepare for unanticipated future financial challenges while also funding opportunities consistent with our mission?

Both challenges can be addressed through the careful planning of our Board and leadership, community-wide participation and engagement, and monies raised through a well-managed fundraising campaign. To resource these priorities, our Rabbi, President, and Board of Trustees have approved our B’Yadenu campaign with a goal of $2.2 million. We have budgeted $1,500,000 for interior and exterior renovations and $700,000 for the Board-Directed Reserve Fund.

Contributions can be made in a variety of financial instruments, over a three-year pledge period to encourage generous participation. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support for B’Yadenu, The Campaign for Temple Emanu-El.

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